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Fall in love with vegetables

Innovative all-in-one Dr. Bai Sauces & Spices for vegetables

Revolutionary Dr. Bai Smart Cooking System using artificial intelligence

Easy sustainable healthy living and weight loss

Successfully changed the lives of many!

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Diane Bai, MD

Top-rated gastroenterologist

Creator of the Fiber First Diet™ and Dr. Bai Smart Cooking™

No food exclusion. No calorie counting

Control your hunger and metabolic hormones

Double your own body-specific probiotics

Dr. Bai Smart Cooking

Revolutionary NEW approach to cooking

Create My Dish™ and Dr. Bai Sauces™ puts thousands of tasty quick healthy recipes at your fingertips.

Healthy cooking is quick, easy, FUN, and most importantly, DELICIOUS

Designed for BUSY people

Less time in the kitchen, more time ENJOYING the food

AFFORDABLE.  Buy your own FRESH ingredients

Dr. Bai Sauces & Spices

Huge in flavors

Designed for vegetables and healthy foods

"All-in-One" All the ingredients are in one sauce, for easy one-step cooking

"One-for-All" One sauce for hundreds of dishes

Mix and match for amazing flavors

Minimal calories, fat, salt, and sugar

Create My Dish

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Dr Bai  Cooking Club

Share our love of eating

Get Inspired with other health conscious friends

Unlock the secrets of health

Accumulate KEY points through evidence-based health lessons and lifestyle changes

Win a gold key

Cook alongs with Dr. Bai

Live interactive cook along to     solidify your cooking skills

Health and nutrition Q&A

Lunch time Exercise Snacks

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

15 minutes a day does MAGIC for the body

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Unique smart computer algorithms

Design your own dish

Endless combinations at your fingertips 

The future of cooking combining fresh wholesome ingredients with artificial intelligence


Dr. Bai's 1-2-3 of Cooking:

  • Be ONE with your food

  • TWO layers of flavors

  • Eat THREE colors in a day

Support each other
on this journey to health